Audience-based mobile marketing to
boost your campaign performance.


We help our partners identify relevant customers, understand their behavior, and reach them effectively by leveraging a verified, geo-precise inventory of SDK GPS-based location data through our Maddict Location Targeting solution. This solution not only helps advertisers and marketers identify behavioral audiences, mobile and stationary trends, but it allows us to generate the most advanced spatial data insights for advertisers, building their pool of audiences for future campaigns.


With <b><strong>Maddict Innovation Lab</strong></b>, we use the most advanced and impactful executions to ensure prominent <b><strong>user experience</strong></b> and a high level of <b><strong>engagement</strong></b>.


<b><strong>Maximize your ROI</strong></b> with Maddict Performance buying models according to KPIs that matter most to you: <b><strong>CPE, CPI, CPL, CPO, CPV</strong></b>.


We build unique user taxonomies by filtering <b><strong>behavior, demographics, interests</strong></b>, and more to help brand marketers and advertisers communicate the <b><strong>right message at the right time</strong></b>.


Our <b><strong>inventory</strong></b> and <b><strong>data</strong></b> can be linked to the agencies' existing trading desk. Our solutions are available across major <b><strong>trading desks</strong></b> in the <b><strong>GCC</strong></b>.


With retargeting, we can increase <strong><b>conversion rates</b></strong>, improve ROI, and precisely <strong><b>target an audience</b></strong>.

Maddict Brand-lift

Employ Maddict Brand lift new solution to measure your <strong><b>campaign effectiveness</b></strong> with key brand metrics such as awareness, consideration, <strong><b>ad recall</b></strong>, and audience validation with <strong><b>real time surveys</b></strong> conducted on smartphones.

Ad Formats

  • Expandable Ads

  • Interstitial Ads

  • MREC Ads

  • Standard Ads

Ad Showcase

  • AR Ads

  • VR Ads

  • 360 Ads

  • Games

Ad Formats


As ad fraud is increasing dramatically, we continue to conduct a deep screening of our publisher network, and we provide brand-safe, fraud-free, and guaranteed viewed impressions. Maddict also partners with location sciences to provide an audited inventory of locations and health checks to our POI inventory.