Exceed your revenue goals!


We are here to help you monetize your app traffic and achieve revenue increments by deploying our full range of lightweight SDKs. Maddict provides app publishers with consultancy services, insights and the best practices to monetize their apps as well as increase traffic on Google Play and App Store. We also provide our publishers with first level support on SDK integration and maintenance.

Robust SDK

With an 8-year track record, our <b><strong>lightweight SDKs</strong></b> are integrated in over <b><strong>22 million devices in the GCC</strong></b>.

Data monetization

You can create additional <b><strong>income stream</strong></b> by monetizing your end users’ location data through <b><strong>Maddict mobile DMP</strong></b>. All are GDPR compliant.

High-end quality

High-quality rich media,<b> <strong>award-winning</strong></b> videos, and display that fit <b><strong>seamlessly</strong></b> into your apps. Maddict commits to Shariah-compliant creatives.